Oct. 18, 2017

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Concept demonstrates further possibilities for fuel cell vehicles


Toyota City, Japan, October 18, 2017―Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) has launched the "Fine-Comfort Ride," a fuel cell vehicle (FCV) that envisions mobility in a low-carbon society with advanced utilization of hydrogen and renewable energy. The Fine-Comfort Ride proposes "a new form of the premium saloon" by employing a flexible layout unique to electric-powered vehicles and a large amount of available electric power using hydrogen as an energy source.

Toyota pursued further possibilities of FCVs through the development of the Fine-Comfort Ride. It offers excellent environmental performance by discharging no CO2 or substances of concern (SoC) while in operation, together with the convenience of a generous cruising range with a hydrogen refueling time of about three minutes. The characteristics of the Fine-Comfort Ride are as follows:

Fine-Comfort Ride

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  • Adopts a diamond-shaped cabin that narrows towards the rear, while being wider in all dimensions from the front to the center of the vehicle, maximizing the space of the second row seats and aerodynamic performance.
  • Utilizes a flexible layout unique to electric-powered vehicles, adopts an in-wheel motor, positions the wheels at the very corners of the vehicle, and utilizes a body underside cover, thereby achieving high running stability and quietness suited to a premium saloon.
  • In adopting the concept of "wearing comfort (being wrapped in comfort)," the vehicle embodies future mobility that provides additional value other than movement to the passengers and is not simply just a "ride."
  • The Agent function and the touch display are arranged around the driver and passenger seats. The seats allow for flexible adjustment according to posture, and the displays allow the driver and passengers to freely access information. The seat layout can be flexibly adjusted, so Fine-Comfort Ride can be used as individual space or as a communication space for individuals.
The joy of fuel cells
  • The Fine-Comfort Ride boasts quietness and smooth running and also makes full use of the large amount of electricity provided by hydrogen as its energy source. The interior features a full range of equipment, and the car can achieve a cruising range of approximately 1,000 km (JC08 test cycle).
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Vehicle Name Length Width Height Wheelbase Occupancy
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Toyota is expected to display the Fine-Comfort Ride at Tokyo Big Sight during the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017. The theme for this year's show, which runs for 12 days from October 25 to November 5*, is "Beyond the Motor."

*The 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 is to be held at Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo's waterfront area from October 25 through November 5, with press days on October 25 and 26, a special-invitation day on October 26, a preview day on October 27 and general-public days from October 28 to November 5.

To access the exclusive site for Tokyo Motor Show 2017, please visit http://newsroom.toyota.co.jp/en/tms2017/.

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    Fine-Comfort Ride

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Photo gallery of the Toyota booth at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017
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